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Dial series

DS1Our range of electronic dial thermostats are simple to use and offer a greater level of accuracy than standard bi-metallic versions. These thermostats are used in conjunction with a separate programmer.

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Battery series

Heatmiser DT B 495x400Our battery thermostats are a viable upgrade route for those with a dial thermostat working on a two wire system. The design follows our Slimline Thermostat Series with non programmable and programmable options being available.

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Slimline series

Slimline EThe Slimline Series offers models suitable for conventional heating systems, electric floor heating and a low voltage series that is specifically designed for integration with third party home automation systems.

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Wireless series

Touch rfAll of our wireless thermostats work with our UH8-RF and RF Switch wireless receivers. The neoAir goes one step further and offers totally wireless App Control of your heating & hot water system.

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